Peter Stoll, Clarinetist - Teaching

Photo of Peter Stoll teaching a student

I enjoy teaching all ages and levels, from advanced college students to talented high school players wanting help with their ensemble music or preparing for college auditions, and also beginners or adult amateurs getting back into playing. I teach all sizes of both clarinet and saxophone at my studio in the east end of Toronto. My teaching style stresses a positive and encouraging approach, combined with high standards and much specific work on technical foundations and making a beautiful sound. Beyond technique and sound-production, we apply all of this to the music, to bring out maximum expression and colours, both for our own enjoyment, and that of our listeners!

Past students have obtained entrance scholarships at all the major Ontario universities, won the Gold Medal for top mark at an RCM exam level in Ontario, and excelled at local and provincial music competitions.

I often present school clinics, workshops and master classes, from clarinet, saxophone or woodwind sectionals right up to full ensemble rehearsals, and I've also played many in-school solo concerts, sometimes featuring as many as 9 different sizes of instrument!

“Hi Peter, I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for teaching our daughter Emily clarinet lessons. With bands being cancelled and her music class at school not being offered until April she was really missing that part of her life. Being able to work towards getting ready for an exam has given her a focus and a reason to keep up with playing her instrument. She has enjoyed her lessons with you. She appreciates your encouraging, patient teaching style and your attention to detail. She always leaves a lesson having learned a lot and having a clear idea of what to work on next. We can certainly hear improvement in her playing since she has started her lessons with you. We are grateful that she has this opportunity.”
- Philippa Luksic and Joel Miller

“Btw, I don't think I ever told you this, but your music business class was a game-changer for me. All the content you got us to write became what I used, and then tweaked as I went along, for my site and ads. I really hope you're still teaching that, because it was probably the most useful class I took in school! So thank you.”
- David Rubel (freelance jazz saxophonist)

“Thank you for sending us your first three adjudications. Your extensive experience is evidenced in your excellent adjudications. There is a great balance of positive comments for accomplishments, as well as technical suggestions for further development. Our senior students and their teachers were very excited when they knew you would be adjudicating for us and I know they will benefit from your detailed analysis of their performances and your wealth of musical knowledge. We are grateful to have such an experienced adjudicator as yourself working with our students. ”
- Elaine Pedlar (Chair, Kingston Kiwanis Music Festival)

“I want to thank you for your adjudicating for the Kingston Kiwanis Music Festival this year. I think your comments for my student, Pranavi, were spot on. I've always enjoyed your adjudications over the years, particularly your creative use of allegory to make your point more interesting and memorable. I'm very sorry that my student didn't get to work with you in person and that I didn't have more students for you. I hope we'll have you back again soon and in person!”
- Anne Palmer (flute teacher, Kingston Ontario)

Private clarinet student Nicholas Pantelica receiving the RCM Gold Medal for top mark in his exam category An exploratory trip to the Legere Reeds studio in Toronto! Leading a very well-attended clarinet choir reading session at UofT, June 2023 School workshops are again possible! Orillia SS April 2023 Discover the Silver Linings Initiative Prairie Music Residency Online Peter Stoll Teaching Clarinet clinic Band clinic UofT clarinet choir! Presenting a Business of Music seminar School recital Conducting a sectional Adjudicating Introducing the new clarinet examination syllabus at the International Clarinet Association conference Introducing the new clarinet examination syllabus at the International Clarinet Association conference Introducing the new clarinet examination syllabus at the International Clarinet Association conference Hosting a Survival Skills for Young Musicians panel at UofT Band workshop Leading a panel at University of Toronto Letter from Fairmount Public School Denis Wick Canadian Wind Orchestra clarinet sectional May 2018 Letter from Kiwanis Festival Clarinet Choir reading session at the University of Toronto, 2019

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